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Bugs to Watch Out For in Hotels

Bugs to Watch Out For in Hotels

Jun 2,2019
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Even the best hotel maintenance and top-notch housekeeping supplies can’t keep bugs out of hotel rooms. Bugs are pesky because they are small and can easily hide, which makes getting rid of them that much harder. From local motels to 5-star resorts, chances are you’ll come across a creepy crawly at least once. If you’re heading out on vacation or taking a weekend trip to a local city, you’ll want to be aware of which bugs to keep an eye out for.
Bed Bugs
Some of the most commonly found bugs in hotel rooms are bedbugs. These little reddish-brown insects are notorious for their bites that cause itchy red welts. The bites can be so itchy that they keep you awake all night! Because these bugs are no bigger than 1/4 inch long, you’ll need to do a thorough inspection to ensure your room is bedbug-free.
You’re most likely to find bedbugs in mattress seams or on the carpet, but they’re known to hide inside of box springs, loose wallpaper, behind headboards, and even in upholstered furniture. Telltale signs of bedbugs include:
Reddish stains on the sheets or mattress
Tiny dark spots on fabric, which may be excrement
Small pale-yellow eggs and eggshells
Bite marks on your skin
To spot bedbugs, you’ll want to take a close look at the bed sheets. Use a flashlight to look for any red or brown spots. After a night of sleeping, you’ll, of course, want to check yourself for bites.
Ants can be quite frustrating to deal with. Often you will see these insects in hotel rooms when it’s raining or cold outside. Ants are attracted to sweet smells, as well as food crumbles. If your hotel room has a kitchenette, be sure to keep it as clean as possible. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink, and pick up any crumbs. Otherwise, you can count on the ants to come marching in.
Spiders can be found in everywhere. These arachnids spend a lot of their time on walls. When it gets cold outside, spiders tend to make their way into warmer dwellings, including hotels. While most spiders are harmless, some pose a serious health risk, such as the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.
Preventing Bugs
Mother Nature always prevails, which means that preventing bugs 100% of the time is all but impossible. To minimize the number of bugs, insects, and arachnids that make their way into your building, there are all sorts of must-have hotel housekeeping supplies. Items such as industrial cleaning products and well-stocked cleaning carts are musts to minimize the number of creepy crawlies. Other must-have items include:
Steam cleaners
Exterminator chemicals
Mattress covers
The success of any hotel relies on its ability to ensure all visitors are able to enjoy a clean, comfortable, and bug-free room.
Your Source for Housekeeping Equipment
Keeping your hotel well-stocked with hotel housekeeping supplies and equipment ensures your guests are able to enjoy their stay. At EPROER, we will soon offer a wide variety of housekeeping equipment, including commercial trash cans, electronic bug zapper machines, and other hotel housekeeping supplies.

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