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Unique Touch-Up Tips to Make Your Hotel Rooms Higher Quality

Unique Touch-Up Tips to Make Your Hotel Rooms Higher Quality

May 31,2019
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Transforming your hotel from a serviceable place to stay the night to a higher class, more luxurious experience doesn’t need to break the bank or take months and months of extensive or labor-intensive remodeling and refitting. By focusing on what is really important to travelers and guests, you can offer them an upscale, comfortable, and quality experience, all without having to completely overhaul your property.
With some smart investments in amenities and furnishings, the returns will pay dividends down the road when guests keep coming back and booking repeat stays for trip after trip, not to mention recommending it to their friends, colleagues, and family.
Think about what your guests will be seeing and experiencing, starting the moment they walk through the front doors and enter the lobby. By focusing on the design and decoration of the lobby, you can provide guests with an impression of a premium and luxury establishment.
By splurging a little on more appealing and comfortable hotel furniture for the lobby, guests have a relaxed and inviting space outside of their rooms in which to unwind and co-mingle—an added bonus when hosting multiple members of a convention or business trip. Investing in a television or other entertainment can go a long way toward making guests feel invited in the common spaces.
Your hotel staff is your first point of contact for all your guests, naturally. Making sure they understand that their role is to make the guests feel as comfortable and welcome as possible is of crucial importance. By motivating your staff and keeping them happy, they’ll pass that enthusiasm on to guests.
By rewarding staff for their good ideas and empowering them to make decisions that allow them to ultimately benefit the guests at their discretion, you will create a workforce of employees that are able to satisfy customers and create experiences for them that they’ll remember long after they check out.
Once the guest is inside their room, you don’t need to provide them with 60-inch TVs and gold-plated bathrooms to give them a luxury experience. By simply providing them with a higher thread-count hotel bedding, you give the guests a luxury experience where it counts: in the bed—arguably the most important place in the hotel room.
By focusing on providing the best sheets and bedding you can, guests will be pleasantly surprised the first time they slide into bed, and they’ll fondly remember their great night’s sleep, especially when the time comes for them to book another stay in your city.
The luxury experience can continue into the bathroom. After the bed, the most important part of any hotel room is the shower and bathroom. Obviously, guests are going to need to be clean and groomed for wherever it is they’re going. You can surprise them with plush, absorbent towels and toiletries that exceed their expectations for soap and shampoo.
By focusing on what truly matters to your guests, you can make sure that your hotel is maximizing gains for minimal costs. This will let you take the quality of service and value for your hotel to the next level, ensuring lasting patronage for seasons to come.
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